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Family Law

Buset & Partners LLP has an excellent family law department. The services of the family law department include the negotiation of separation agreements; completion of divorce proceedings; court applications for custody, support and division of net family property; preparation of client's personal property Financial Statements; divorce trials; custody trials; property trials;

The lawyers are responsible for all court appearances (trials, motions) and use the assistance of well trained and experienced law clerks to draft supporting court materials as well as Separation Agreements and other relevant documents.

The lawyers in this department can also assist with any other legal needs arising from a marital separation, such as estate planning and real estate transfers.


  • Designed to Promote Communication and Co-operation
  • Advice Regarding Legal Rights and Obligations

Mediation is designed to promote communication and co-operation between the parties; allows the parties to control the decisions that affect their lives; is less costly than litigation; benefits children and others by reducing conflict; and is confidential, thus avoiding public disclosure through the courts of the parties' personal problems.

The primary role of a lawyer/mediator in media disputes is to provide advice regarding legal rights and obligations and to assist the parties in reaching an agreement suitable to both. Each party must obtain independent legal advice from their own solicitor prior to signing any agreement.

Please contact one of the dedicated professionals listed below to assist with your Family Law and Mediation needs: