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Intellectual Property

  • Trademark Registration
  • Copyright Registration

A trade-mark is a word or design (or a word and design together) used to distinguish goods or services of an individual or organization from those goods or services of other individuals or organizations. Almost every kind of business uses some kind of trade-mark to identify its products or services. 
Copyrights provide protection for literary, artistic, dramatic or musical works (including computer programs), performances, sound recordings, and communication signals.  Copyright protection is automatic. While formal registration of a work is not required, it is advisable.  It is also recommended to mark any copyrighted works with the symbol ©, the publication date and the copyright owner’s name.
Buset & Partners LLP has lawyers that are experienced in trade-mark and copyright law and can provide advice in intellectual property matters.   Use one of our registered Trade-mark agents to assist you in registering your Trade-mark or Copyright.  Registration provides you with direct evidence of exclusive ownership across Canada and more easily protects your rights as the owner. 

Please contact one of the dedicated Trade-mark agents listed below to assist with your Intellectual Property needs: